Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi


Of the saw in a dream that he entered the city of the towns feel secure, which is afraid of. He was the son Serene Almighty God’s mercy like the entry to the cities, does not like out of it, says {scared of them came out looking forward, he said Lord, save me from the unjust people} . It was said that the city reflect the world of man, for saying peace be upon him «I am the city of knowledge and Ali is its gate» . It entered the city of whispers to her desolation, the scientists have lost them. It was said that the death of the city where the king or his crime. Any city or see the Sultan go to extremes where the price of food in it. The city is known world and the Hereafter is unknown.
It felt the city had Anhedmt the religion of her family had gone. And the city of Rights, which is attributed to cross his father, it is believed that the city devastated by earthquakes father died of murder.
It felt that in the country’s level Vinkd living and grief or frequent its secretariat.
It felt that in Nubia Rizk grace.
It felt that in Abyssinia decreased prestige.
It felt that in Egypt, God is like a living and prolong life.
and saw that it was in the land of El-Arish many the finest.
and saw that it was in Constantinople lost his money.
and saw that it was in the land of Jerusalem and Mount Sinai, they years to come it.
It felt that in Bethlehem she can hardness and strengthened his religion.
and saw that it was in the East got better.
It felt that he oversaw the Baghdad presented to the Governor because the Baghdad home of the Imam.
is of the opinion that in the Jordan Finale travel or humiliation.
and saw that it was in Damascus, God bless him.
and saw that it was in the land of the Roman it is his confidence in God as well as the country’s Armenians.
and saw that it was in the land of the Franks Faamy his heart.
is of the opinion that in the lands of the Persians he learns insolence.
It felt that in India Fikhr his enemies and he gains Bhsadeh.
and saw that it was in ruins it is plagued by a people can not afford him their .
and saw that it was in the land of salted or sulfur, it gets sick. The country is right, says {I swear by this country} . And the country’s security from fear.
and perhaps in a dream indicates the country to repentance and forgiveness.
and perhaps the region indicated by him or on his authority or ruler or his world. The human king in a dream country won the king or the state, the bachelor, was married or moribund recovered from his illness, or an evildoer repents, lost, or guided. The deceased was seen in a dream in the city may have been in Paradise, as it was felt that if in the village indicated that in the fire to her family fatigue and hardship. Though a valid name for the city like Sanaa indicated synthesis, or Dhofar enemy of the nail, the secret of the view of pleasure. It came out of the aggressive punk rid of it. And the gates of the city known who and Adtha and rulers, and her bodyguards.
is of the opinion that in the city unknown, that mark the righteous.
and saw the city wall Mahdoma died Treat her or isolation of his work.
It felt that it might Anthelm in the city wall notch even entered the city a lion or a flood or a thief weakness is Islam in, or lakeside market knowledge. [See the village.

meanings by Al ahsaai


Reflection, the city

It felt that in Medina del to accompany the trade and get good of them in the religion and the world and saw that it was on the campus of the Prophet peace be upon him it is for good, a blessing is of the opinion that between the grave and the pulpit, it indicates that the people of Paradise and saw that it was standing doors campus and doors room noble forgiveness of God is repentance and forgiveness, it is of the opinion that one of the places around Alzarat is good for any case is of the opinion that one of the nearby Holy it shows continuity in worship

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