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Dream interpretation by Ibne serin   Zul-Oi’dah:(See Arabic months) BIBLIOGRAPHY Al-Agfahani, Abu Na’im, Hilyat-ul Awliyii, Beirut, 1988 AI-Bukhari, Sahih. AI-Bukhiiri”, Dar AI-Arabiya, Beirut 1985. AI-Fairuzabadi, AI-Qiimils AI-Mulli”t, Beirut, 1968, AI-Gh,azal’i, Abu liiimid, IlJ,yii ‘Ulilm AI-Deen, Cairo 1957. AI-Jabarti, Ahdu-Rahman, ‘Aja’ib ul-A.tMr Fi Al-Tariijim. Wal-A.tMr, Cairo 1877. Al-auyiiii, Tafs”ir Al-Jaliilain Wa Asbiib Al-Nueiil. Al-Zayyat, Habib, Khaza/irc Al-Kutub Fi Dimashq, Cairo 1903. ...

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Dream interpretation by Ibne serin   Zuhur: (arb. See Five time prayers) Zul-Jiijjah: (See Arabic months; ‘Ararat)

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Dream interpretation by Ibne serin   Zircon: (Gem; Mineral; Ring; Stone) In a dream, zircon represents unity and affection between husband and wife, or it could mean a contract between two partners, or reconciliation between two enemies, or it could represent the correctness of one’s faith. (Also see Stone’)

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Dream interpretation by Ibne serin   Zikr: (Hymn; Remembrance of God; Songs of God’s love; Supplications) If one sees himself in a dream participating in a circle of people remembering God Al-mighty, or calling upon His most beautiful name, or invoking His divine attributes, or reading the Qur’an, or reciting devotional songs, it means that such location will be built ...

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Dream interpretation by Ibne serin   Zachariah: (Zachar; to remember + ya; God; The prophet Zachariah, upon whom be peace.) If one sees the prophet Zachariah in a dream, it means that God Almighty will restore fertility to him and to his wife at an advanced age. Seeing God’s prophet Zachariah (uwbp) in a dream also means begetting a righteous ...

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