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Used clothing

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin   Used clothing: (Attire; Goodwill; Secondhand) Buying used clothing in a dream means poverty, but selling worn garments in a dream means good deeds, for in DICTIONARY OF DREAMS 457 that case, one repels his aggravation or unwarranted adversities. A thrift shop salesperson in a dream represents a layman. Selling used clothing in a dream ...

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Dream interpretation by Ibne serin   Urn: (Cistern; Container; Storing; Waterskin) In a dream, each type of urn is interpreted differently. A large urn represents a prostitute. In a dream, a cistern or any large conical jar made of porous clay and used in storing water represents a caretaker, a custodian or a curator, the head of the household, his ...

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Dream interpretation by Ibne serin   Urinating: Urinating in a dream means wasting money in an unnecessary or an unlawful way. It also means a marriage to an unsuitable or a non-compatible person. Frequency of urination in a dream means receiving regular income. On the other hand, suppression of urine in a dream means the opposite, or it may mean ...

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Dream interpretation by Ibne serin   Uptight: (Anxious; Disheartened; Dispirited) Feeling uptight in a dream may mean an illness or death. (Also see Despair)Urge (Entice; Incite; Induce; Lure. See Prompting)

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Dream interpretation by Ibne serin   Upholsterer: In a dream, an upholsterer represents someone who is proud of himself or his work, or he could represent a singer, a helper, a teacher, resting after a long-working day, or someone who curbs the intentions of hypocrites, obliges them, and defrauds them of their assets.

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Untying something:

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin   Untying something: Untying something in a dream means bewilderment, lone-liness, being reprimanded, or stinginess. (Also see Knot)

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